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"我們從CA的系統切換過來後節約了好幾萬美元!"- Bill Bohlen, Hallmark Channel.
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WebLogic Integration伺服器監視

掌控WebLogic Integration伺服器管理

weblogic integration Monitoring
  • 你想保證WebLogic Integration伺服器不間斷地正常執行嗎?
  • 你想追蹤透過WebLogic Integration伺服器的業務Process的效能嗎?
  • 你想要追蹤WebLogic Integration伺服器在不同時間的效能嗎?

Applications Manager可監控BEA WebLogic Integration伺服器的效能和可用性。

Applications Manager可以自動診斷、通知和糾正WebLogic Integration伺服器,以及整個IT架構中的伺服器和應用程式的效能和可用性的問題。

可監控以下版本的WebLogic Integration 伺服器:

  • WebLogic Integration 伺服器 8.x

WebLogic Integration 伺服器監控提供全面的故障管理,主動警告通知,檢查即將發生的問題、觸發正確的動作、收集效能資料用於計劃、分析和報告。

可監控WebLogic Integration伺服器以下效能:

  • Business Process Details (Completed Instances, SLA Exceeded Instances, Running Instances, etc.,
  • Application Integration Details (Service Count, Service Error Count, Event Count, etc.,)
  • Message Broker Details (Message Count, Subcriber Count, Dead letter count, etc.,)
  • Other parameters as in WebLogic, like JVM Heap Usage, Server Response Time, More

WebLogic Integration伺服器管理功能

  • Out-of-the-box management of performance and availability of the WebLogic Integration server
  • Monitors WebLogic Integration performance statistics such as Business Process Details, Application Integration details & Message Broker details, database connection pools, servlets, JVM memory usage, user sessions, etc. alarms can be configured for these parameters.
  • Based on the thresholds configured, notifications and alarms are generated. Actions are executed automatically based on configurations.
  • Performance graphs and reports are available instantly. Grouping of reports, customized reports, and graphs based on date is available.

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