Desktop Central 7


How To's

This section provides you with the step-by-step instructions to perform a specific task. Kindly mail us with the Logs if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Scope of Management (SoM)

  1. How to add computers to be managed using Desktop Central in LAN? or How to define Scope of Management(SoM)?
  2. How to add the details of Remote Offices?
  3. How to install agents in remote office computers?
  4. How to install Desktop Central agents?
  5. How to uninstall Desktop Central agents?
  6. How to change domain credentials after setting up SoM?
  7. How to remove a computer from scope?


  1. How do I change the local administrator password in a computer?
  2. How to configure proxy settings in IE for all the users?

Patch Management

  1. How to automate the patch deployment process?
  2. How to view the details of the latest patches and the missing patches in the computers?
  3. How to detect the vulnerable systems in the network?
  4. How to install a security update manually?
  5. How to manually download the patches and give as input to Install Patch configuration?

Software Deployment

  1. How to create an MSI Package?
  2. How to add an EXE Package?
  3. How to execute the pre-installation and post installation script while installing the legacy applications ?
  4. How to execute the pre-installation and post installation script while installing the MSI Package?
  5. How to uninstall the legacy applications ?
  6. How to uninstall the Windows Installer Application ?
  7. How to use ISS files in deploying Software?
  8. How to specify the windows installer properties to the deployed msi package ?
  9. How to specify the command line parameters while deploying the legacy applications ?
  10. How to uninstall IE7 from the client machines?
  11. How to install Office XP Service Packs?

Inventory Management

  1. How to setup Inventory Scanning?
  2. How to Manage Software Licenses?
  3. How to detect prohibited software that are used in the network?

Windows Tools

  1. How to share and control a remote desktop?
  2. How to configure Desktop Central to prompt the user before sharing their desktop?
  3. How to schedule running disk defrag in user computers?


  1. How to enable User Logon Reports?


  1. How to enable secure login (HTTPS) ?
  2. How to move Desktop Central Server installation from one machine to another without losing any data?
  3. How can I configure Desktop Central server and MySQL database to run in different computers?
  4. How to change the Web Server port used by Desktop Central?
  5. How to set Admin Credentials to run Desktop Central in Vista/2008?


  1. How to send Log Files to Support?
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