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This section provides you with the common hiccups that you might encounter with Desktop Central along with their possible reasons. Kindly mail us with the Logs if you have any questions that remain unanswered.

Agent Installation

  1. Unable to add domains in the Scope of Management
  2. Distribution Server Agent MSI Creation Failed
  3. Desktop Central Agent Installation Failure, Error messages:
    1. Access is denied
    2. The network path was not found
    3. Logon failure : unknown username or password
    4. No Network provider accepted the given Network Path
    5. Not enough server storage is available to process this command
  4. Install Desktop Central agents using GPO
  5. The agents installed by Desktop Central are not uninstalled, even after uninstalling the product.
  6. Adding Exceptions to Desktop Central to make it functional with Symantec Endpoint Protection.
  7. Allow users to uninstall the Desktop Central Agents from Add/Remove Programs.
  8. Change the name/ip and the port number of the Desktop Central Server for the agents that have been already installed.
  9. Uninstall Desktop Central agents from the remote office computers manually.


  1. Configuration Status does not change. It is always in "Ready to Execute" state.
  2. Configured scripts do not get executed in the client machines.

Inventory Management

  1. Manual Inventory Scanning Failed
  2. Scheduled Inventory Scanning Failed
  3. Not receiving Inventory Alerts

Patch Management

  1. Patch installation fails with error "Fatal Error during Installation"
  2. MS Office patch deployment fails with "Office Update Error"
  3. The Vulnerability Database does not get updated.
  4. Patch configuration fails while downloading the patches.
  5. Manual Patch Scanning Failed.
  6. Scheduled Patch Scanning Failed.
  7. No patches are listed in "Applicable" and "Missing Patches".
  8. Patch Scanning fails with error -"The Storage Control Block Address is invalid".

Software Installation

  1. Configuration status does not change. It is always in "Ready to Execute" state.
  2. Unable to deploy the software.

Service Pack Installation

  1. Windows XP SP3 Installation failure

Desktop Sharing

  1. Unable to establish connection with remote desktop.
  2. RPC Server Unavailable for Remote Desktop Sharing
  3. Unable to perform Ctrl+Alt+Del operation on Remote Desktops running Vista OS

Active Directory Reports

  1. Active Directory Reports do not show latest data.

User Logon Reports

  1. The User Logon Reports do not show any data.
  2. User Logon Reports when enabled cause delay in User LogOff

Desktop Central HotfixUpgrade

  1. Configurations do not applied properly after Desktop Central Hotfix upgrade.


  1. The Define Target Resource Browser does not list all the resources.
  2. The Network Browser does not list all the computers.
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