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FacilitiesDesk CAFM系統是一款用戶友好型的設施管理軟件,滿足了我們的需求。"
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Fact Sheet


ManageEngineTM FacilitiesDesk is business ready web-based facilities management software that manages and monitors company's facilities and assets in a demanding business environment.

Prospects are small & medium and large & established and fast-growing enterprises that lack tools to effectively manage facilities available within their infrastructure - Everything from handling the maintenance requests to move requests, preventive maintenance to space management and purchase & contract management of the assets.

Typically they, have fragmented & manual process and scattered workforce. This results in lack visibility of the facilities available, poor asset maintenance control and un-reliable and inconsistent data - of all, which causes risk: delayed facilities management, increased resolution cycle time of requests. These in turn lead to slow decision making for the admin staff and hence increased cost of maintenance.


ManageEngineTM FacilitiesDesk is an integrated and web-based suit of facilities management solution offering two applications:

CMMS: Computerized Maintenance Management Software and CAFM: Computer Aided Facilities Management System.

Both focus on maximum cost cutting of facilities and asset management and maintenance and on maximizing the efficiency through automation interestingly at affordable price points


  • Work Order Management and Tracking
  • Maintenance Management
    • Preventive Maintenance/Schedule Maintenance
    • Breakdown Maintenance/Reactive Maintenance
  • Asset Management and Tracking
  • Purchase Orders Management and Tracking
  • Contracts Creation, Management and Tracking


  • CMMS
  • Portfolio Management
    • Property Management
    • Lease Management
    • Space Management and Optimization
      • AutoCAD Integration
      • Grid Layout
  • Move Management

More Interesting common features

  • Self Service Portal with Dashboards
  • Intuitively directing Configuration Wizard
  • Manager's Dashboard
  • SLA Management
  • Surveys creation and management
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Create and offer a Self Customized KnowledgeBase
  • Integration with ServiceDesk

System Requirements:

Platform Processor Main Memory Disk space
Windows 2000 Professional + SP4 2000/2003 Server XP Professional 32-Bit x86 Compatible 700Mhz and above 512 MB 200 MB
Linux RedHat 7.x & above and Debian 3.0 32-Bit x86 Compatible 700Mhz and above 512 MB 200 MB

FacilitiesDesk is available as both client server application or/and as fully compliant J2EE web-based utilizing Sequel Server. It's very easy to install and user friendly.

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