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FacilitiesDesk CAFM系統是一款用戶友好型的設施管理軟件,滿足了我們的需求。"
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Green Building Initiative

Facilities Goes Green!

We help you face the storm! Yes the convergence of a Major Economic Crisis, enormous environmental challenge and very dynamic technologies. So, we understand the pressure on for Corporate infrastructures and facilities managers to face these challenges head on.

Surveys show that corporates have more than 20% hidden waste in terms of physical assets and workforce time spent on workplace-related resources. This reflects an enormous amount of lost financial value. FacilitiesDesk solutions help you to speedily and securely discover and eliminate waste, and our software are seamless. In net, investments in infrastructure such as floor space, facilities and equipment are reduced while their utilization is improved. Also, your human resources are supported with solutions that facilitate them to perform their core facilities management activities without wasting their time on chores.


The steps towards 'go green' operations helps primarily reducing the need for resources like huge investment capital, expenses, workforce time, assets and natural resources - and thus corporates can achieve their business goals when they focus on changing the working practices of today in these terms.

The initiative circles around growing profit through cost savings while simultaneously improving environmental sustainability.

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