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FacilitiesDesk CAFM系統是一款用戶友好型的設施管理軟件,滿足了我們的需求。"
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We aim to offer the finest solutions with services to clients all over the globe. FacilitiesDesk believes that novel solutions, superior technologies and strong partners are the key elements for client satisfaction. That is why we are always on the watch to develop our partner network to new geographies.

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As a FacilitiesDesk partner, you will broaden your business solution and turn out to be more successful. You gain help in selling, developing, marketing and delivering FacilitiesDesk Software to the growing demand of the Computerized Maintenance Management System and Computer Aided Facilities Management Software market.

Benefits FacilitiesDesk Partner Programme:

  • Sturdy positioning of your value proposition and competency
  • Expanded business opportunities
  • Shared strategic sales and marketing initiatives
  • Access to a broad and strong growing customer base
  • Access to the expanding and high potential ManageEngine FacilitiesDesk community

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