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Firewall Reports

Instant Reports on Firewall Activity

Firewall Analyzer offers a range of pre-defined reports that are automatically generated as soon as logs are received from firewalls, squid proxy servers, VPN, and other devices on which Firewall Analyzer is reporting on.

Real-time Traffic Monitoring Reports
Firewall Analyzer Traffic Monitoring Report

The Executive Dashboard is automatically updated to show details of incoming and outgoing traffic for each firewall whose logs are analyzed. You can drill down from here to see top talkers, top protocols used, events generated, and more. The Dashboard provides a global view of the traffic coming in and going out of the entire enterprise.

Protocol Usage Reports
Firewall Analyzer Protocol Usage Report

Firewall Analyzer includes specific reports for Web, Mail, FTP,Telnet, Streaming and Chat traffic across each firewall. You can view the top hosts, top destinations, top protocols, and the traffic distribution during working and non-working hours. You can also assign protocols to specific protocol groups to identify traffic as Web, Mail, FTP, Telnet, Streaming and Chat traffic.

Firewall Analyzer Download
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