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Application Monitoring

Applications are the most critical component of your infrastructure. Application failures are usually the most common problems that occur in IT infrastructure. Monitoring critical applications proactively helps to prevent application failures and identify degradations early. OpManager supports monitoring the following Applications out-of-the-box:

Microsoft Exchange Monitor MySQL Monitor Lotus Notes Monitor
Oracle Monitor MSSQL Monitor  

MS-Exchange Monitoring

OpManager monitors critical MS-Exchange server parameters and provides better visibility into the performance of MS-Exchange servers on the network. MS-Exchange server management includes monitoring of parameters including:

  • Connection Statistics
  • Message Queue Statistics
  • Non-delivery Statistics
  • Message size

For more on MS Exchange monitoring, refer here.

Lotus Notes Monitoring

OpManager provides out-of-the-box support for Lotus Notes by monitoring several important parameters like:

  • MTA Statistics
  • Mail Statistics
  • Memory Statistics
  • Total Waiting Recipients
  • Mail Server Hops
  • Average Mail Server Hops
Application Monitoring - MSSQL

MS-SQL Monitoring

OpManager monitors several MS-SQL server parameters like

  • Read/Write Statistics
  • Log Space Statistics
  • User Connections
  • Cache Hit Statistics

Custom Application Monitors

OpManager can monitor any application that supports SNMP. You can also choose to be notified if an application violates a threshold rule created by you.

 Need monitoring for J2EE Web Transactions, SAP servers, Microsoft .NET applications ? Try Applications Manager.

Need Features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional Application Monitoring features implemented in OpManager, we would love to hear. Click here to continue

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