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Enterprise Network Management - OpManager Enterprise Edition
Enterprise Edition
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Large Enterprises experience shrinking of geographical boundaries everyday and along with the growth comes the hardship in monitoring and managing the whole enterprise IT infrastructure. IT Managers at times deploy disconnected management solutions for each branch office/site or else end up depending upon expensive frameworks that not just cost a fortune but also take ages for successful deployment. The all new OpManager Enterprise Edition provides complete enterprise-wide network management with the same simplicity, ease-of-use and affordability that you are used to seeing with OpManager.

The Enterprise Edition is a scalable, distributed version of OpManager that can scale to monitor tens of thousands of interfaces or switch ports. It consists of two components: the central server and the probe server. The probe servers are deployed in the remote locations where the resources are to be monitored. The central server consolidates data from all remote probe servers to provide a single, comprehensive Network Operating console for the whole enterprise network management needs.

Typical OpManager Enterprise Edition Deployment

Enterprise Network Management

Take an hour's time to deploy the Enterprise Edition of OpManager and save days of management & maintenance worries that come with disparate or disconnected management solutions. To learn more on installation, architecture and best practices for the latest Edition visit: http://opmanageree.wiki.zoho.com


The Enterprise Edition starts at for monitoring 250 devices. For more pricing details, visit our Pricing page.

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