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OpManager - How-to Demos

Listed here are some walk-throughs with explanations, which will help you with the most common of the tasks performed with OpManager.

Network Discovery with OpManager

Discovering a Network

Video   discovering-a-network

OpManager automatically discovers all devices in the network that is chosen to be discovered. It automatically classifies the devices as Routers, Switches, Servers etc. It uses the SNMP and ICMP settings provided in the wizard to perform this discovery. This demo will let you know how to configure OpManager for Network Discovery.

Configuring CPU, Memory Monitors in OpManager

CPU & Memory Utilization Monitors for non-SNMP Devices

Video   CPU and Memory Utilization Monitors

OpManager can monitor CPU & Memory Utilization of various devices centrally. OpManager uses SNMP by default to collect these statistics. It also offers the flexibility to use WMI in Windows machines and Telnet or SSH protocol in Linux machines to collect these details from non-SNMP devices. This demo shows CPU & Memory Utilization Monitor configuration for non-SNMP devices.

Configuring Disk Space Monitors in OpManager

Disk Space Utilization Monitor for SNMP Devices

Video   Disk 
                    Space Utilization Monitor for SNMP Devices

OpManager can monitor Disk Space Utilization. OpManager uses SNMP by default to collect these statistics. This demo shows how to configure a disk space monitor in OpManager for SNMP devices.

Sending Email Alerts with OpManager

Configuring E-mail Alerts

Video   Configuring 
                    E-mail Alerts

OpManager allows you to configure e-mail (and SMS) alerts to get notified when an alarm is raised in your network. By default, OpManager sends the mail to the mail server specified in the e-mail notification profile. Find here how you can configure OpManager to send out alert mails whenever a fault occurs in your network.

URL Monitoring with OpManager

Adding URL Monitors

Many business enterprises require continuous monitoring of their Web sites, as the failure of these sites might have an impact on the business. You can configure OpManager to monitor your Web sites.

Monitoring Windows Event Logs with OpManager

Monitoring Windows Event Logs

Video   Configuring 
                    E-mail Alerts

You can monitor Windows Event Logs using OpManager and configure to generate alarms when critical events are logged. OpManager uses WMI to fetch the details of these logs and hence you need to provide the logon details of a user with administrative privilege to connect to the Windows machine.

Adding Custom TCP Monitors in OpManager

Adding Custom TCP Monitors

In addition to OpManager's default System Service cmonitors, you can also create your own TCP based monitors for all the devices in your network. This demo tells you how.

Custom SNMP Monitors in OpManager

Adding Custom SNMP Monitors

Video   Adding 
                    Custom SNMP Monitors

In addition to OpManager's default monitors, you can also create your own monitors for the SNMP-enabled devices in your network.

Setting Thresholds in OpManager

Configuring Thresholds

Video   Configuring 

Using OpManager, thresholds can be set so that an alarm is generated when the status of a device crosses a certain limit. This way, OpManager helps monitor the device’s health and detect degradation much before the device fails, thereby enabling proactive device management.

Creating Business Views in OpManager

Creating Business Views

Video   Creating Business Views

In addition to Networks views and Infrastructure views, OpManager allows you to create your own views to group the devices of your interest and manage them from one place. This will be required when you want to manage the devices under each geographical location from one place. This is also helpful if you want to restrict the access to devices to users.

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