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Network Monitoring

What is OpManager?

OpManager is a network monitoring software that can automatically discover your network, group your devices into intuitive maps, monitor devices in real-time and alert instantaneously on failure. It serves as a complete network monitoring solution by providing complete fault and performance functionality across your WAN and LAN infrastructure.

Auto Discovery

OpManager automatically discovers your Routers, Switches, Servers, Printers and other networked devices. OpManager speeds up the discovery process by building up a list of possibly active devices by reading ARP tables, but at the same time does a complete ping sweep to ensure that none of the devices are left undetected. OpManager also discovers services (like HTTP etc.) running on a device. It normally takes under 2 minutes for OpManager to discover a Class C network.

Mapping your devices

OpManager automatically creates infrastructure maps for your Servers, Routers, Printers, Switches and Firewalls. It also enables users to create business views to group devices as per business needs.

Real-time Network Monitoring

OpManager performs network monitoring in 3 different ways

  • Continuous status polling of devices and services to check for availability
  • Continuous monitoring of critical device health parameters using SNMP, WMI or Telnet / SSH with support for thresholds
  • Listening of SNMP traps from devices

Read more about the Network Monitoring features that OpManager offers.

Instantaneous Alerts

As soon as OpManager detects a problem it can notify administrators via email or SMS. OpManager's network monitoring functionality also includes running of external programs, system commands or playing an audio file. More on Alerting & Fault Monitoring

Comprehensive Reporting

Using OpManager you can generate device level or network level reports to analyze availability, response times, network traffic, interface utilization or application response time. More on Reporting & Performance Management

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