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As a Network Administrator, a critical and sometimes unplanned task involved in IT infrastructure upkeep is creating and archiving actionable reports. Usually, such reports are quickly made and brought together when upper management needs help in making important decisions on capacity additions/device upgrades/SLA verifications. Your 24/7 network monitoring tool would have a lot of captured data accumulating to Gigabytes of disk space, but it is the tool's ability to provide immediate, intelligent reports that makes the difference in running a well-planned and optimized IT infrastructure.

OpManager Performance Reporting

OpManager stores all the monitored network and device health information in its in-built MySQL database for immediate retrieval. The reports section has a number of flexible options that help to create customized and actionable reports quickly:

  • Over 100 in-built reporting profiles

Network Performance Reports OpManager provides a simple interface with more than 100 in-built reporting profiles, all intuitively grouped and classified as Servers reports. Routers reports, Switches reports, Services reports etc.. Learn more..

  • Custom reports

A report can be created off every parameter monitored. OpManager's Custom Reports section enables the Administrator to select & view trends of any parameter eg. Last 24 hour trend on Average Latch time, Average Lock Time, Active database Connections etc. of your SQL servers

  • Top N reports: on resource performance or availability

OpManager's in-built reports can be arranged so as to display interfaces or devices which have the highest amounts of CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk utilization, incoming and outgoing traffic, interface errors, response times etc.. Learn more..

  • Business snapshot based reports

OpManager provides in-built reports over a group of devices and/or other network infrastructure that work together for a common business servicing group Learn more..

  • Scheduled, automated emailing of periodic reports

It is not just network fault notifications that OpManager sends to you wherever you are, anytime of the day. Learn more..

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