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OpManager provides a simple interface with more than 100 in-built reporting profiles, all intuitively grouped and classified as Servers reports. Routers reports, Switches reports, Services reports etc.. Every report can be exported and saved as a PDF/XLS file as well as printed or emailed to colleagues or managers. Various options for further customization are provided to create tailor-made reports from the in-built reports e.g. selecting of "Top N reports", changing the reporting period, changing the reporting business snapshot to consider another grouping of devices for the selected reporting profile etc..

Reporting profiles include:

  • Utilization reports on CPU, Memory, disk
  • Incoming and outgoing interface traffic reports
  • Device health reports which include trends on availability, response time, packet loss, temperature etc
  • Services response time reports
  • Inventory reports listing out the various devices, their IP addresses, OS, RAM and disk configurations

Server Health Reports

Network Performance Reports

Interface Traffic Reports

Interface Traffic Reports

Top N reports

OpManager's in-built reports can be arranged so as to display interfaces or devices which have the highest amounts of CPU utilization, memory utilization, disk utilization, incoming and outgoing traffic, interface errors, response times etc. E.g. "top 25 servers by CPU utilization" displays a descending list of 25 servers beginning with the server that had the highest CPU utilization. For immediate investigation, all server names are links that can be further clicked to show complete details of the burdened device.

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