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Printer Monitoring

OpManager's printer monitoring functionality automatically discovers printers in your network and places them on a special Printer map. The special printer icon offers a live view of the Printer and operators can view the status / error message actually displayed on the printer without leaving their desk. OpManager offers specialized printer monitoring functionality for any printer that supports the Printer MIB.

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Printer Monitoring – Alerts and Notifications

Using OpManager printer monitoring functionality, operators can receive instant alerts when faults such as Paper jam occur. OpManager detects low-toner / no-toner, low paper / No paper scenarios.

Network administrators can set printer monitoring thresholds for interface traffic, errors etc. and be notified by email / SMS whenever abnormal usage is detected.

Need Features? Tell Us

If you want to see additional Printer monitoring features implemented in OpManager, we would love to hear. Click here to continue

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