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Top 10 Reasons to Buy OpManager

The Enterprise Network Management Software

1. Affordable Management

With its low price and ease of deployment, OpManager enables a very affordable alternative to manage complex enterprise networks. OpManager requires standard operating hardware, supports multiple operating systems and can be used without requiring extensive training.

2. Integrated Network, Systems and Applications Monitoring

OpManager offers an integrated view of your entire network by providing a single view of your networks, systems and applications. Instead of relying on multiple individual management silos for information, now you can have one tool to give you the complete picture.

3. Combined Business and Infrastructure Visibility

Only OpManager gives you combined business and infrastructure visibility at the same time. What this means is when a failure occurs, you not only know which piece of your infrastructure has failed but also which part of your business is affected.

4. Effective Usage of IT Personnel

OpManager performs intelligent event-alarm correlation and presents only the most relevant alarms to the operator. IT personnel can now spend their time on fixing issues rather than trying to figure out what went wrong.

5. Proactive Monitoring

OpManager enables proactive monitoring with thresholds using which you can identify network / service degradations early and prevent failures. This helps you to stop fire fighting and move on to more proactive monitoring.

6. Multi-vendor Management

OpManager offers multi-vendor management and it is very easy to integrate new devices that you may purchase at a later date using open standards such as SNMP

7. Reduce Operational Costs

OpManager reduces cost by simplifying management tasks. It moves the day-to-day management and troubleshooting tasks to the operator level thereby freeing your highly skilled network administrators to work on other strategic projects.

8. Reduce Training Costs

OpManager reduces training costs by providing a simple and highly user-friendly user interface. Also the easy-to-use point and click installation package includes an embedded relational database and a web-server. It saves the administrator the hassles of working with multiple packages.

9. Multi-platform Support

OpManager offers the flexibility to choose the network computer that is best suited for running OpManager. It is available for Windows and Linux.

10. Completely Web-based

OpManager is completely web-based offering unparalleled flexibility in accessing the network management server from anywhere.

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