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VMware ESX Monitoring Using OpManager

VMware Monitoring
with OpManager - 4 Mins
VMware Monitoring

A growing, successful business, be it a large Data Center or an enterprise, is backed by a good IT infrastructure. IT-enabled business complexities such as frequent hardware upgrades, handling of backward compatibilities, tweaking performance of critical hosted applications, etc., add up to the frustrations of the IT team when handling multitudes of separate server machines. Many businesses thinking long-term, consider re-hosting on VMware ESX Servers which facilities virtual partitioning, resource allocations and a combination OS depending on the hosted-application requirements. It is imperative that your existing server monitoring solution also supports monitoring of VMware servers and their individual instances.

As mentioned above, VMware ESX server hosts multiple virtual servers on a single host machine, that is, the physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine functions as an individual server component and hosts applications. The virtual servers on the VMware ESX can have different OS and each instance is monitored by OpManager for availability and performance. Using OpManager, you can monitor the entire VMware ESX server unit and also the individual virtual server instances running on it for clear visibility into its performance.

OpManager's VMware Monitoring Benefits

Availability & Performance: Besides monitoring the availability of the VMware and its individual instances, you can also closely monitor the performance of the resources on each virtual machine like the CPU, Memory, and if the allocated resource for each instance is utilized optimally. Intuitive dashboard graphs for the server farm helps you quickly identify if the resources are over-utilized or under-utilized.

Capacity Planning: Having a VMware in your production environment allows for optimal capacity planning and in effective use of system resources. OpManager optimizes administrator productivity by providing a single monitoring dashboard of the availability of every individual resource & instance on the host. A snapshot view of the VMware server in OpManager helps in quick decision making and levering of resources optimally.

Monitoring Virtual Machines

VMware Monitoring

VMWare Peformance Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard report shows the different VM instances on the VMware, highlighting the status of each instance. Monitored resources and parameters include: allocated system resources, percentage of resources utilized like CPU, Memory etc, the Disk I/O, Network I/O, the traffic sent out or received through the virtual ethernet network and storage adapters (VMnic and VMnet)etc. Monitoring VMware using OpManager is an economy of effort, eliminating the need for manual troubleshooting and planning.

VMware ESX server monitoring dashboard


VMware ESX Server Monitoring is available as an add-on to OpManager and is available at for unlimited number of VMware ESX Servers.

VMware Support

Apart from monitoring health and performance of VMware ESX servers through OpManager, ManageEngine software solutions can all be run on VMware virtualized platforms. Manageengine supports all customers who run ManageEngine software on VMware environments. Visit our VMware support statement for more details.

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