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VoIP Performance Monitor - OpManager VoIP Monitor
VoIP Performance Monitoring - OpManager VoIP Monitor
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Getting ready to deploy VoIP? Worried about poor VoIP call quality? Wanting to add more VoIP lines but clueless on how your network would handle the extra traffic?

The OpManager VoIP Monitor helps enterprises tide through all the stages of VoIP rollouts. The module brings together network fault and performance management functionalities of OpManager, VoIP Quality of Service monitoring using Cisco IP SLA technology and granular network traffic troubleshooting from Netflow Analyzer to give you a complete end-to-end VoIP network management solution. What you can do with OpManager's VoIP Monitor:

  • Pre-deployment testing of network to run VoIP
  • Continuous monitoring of VoIP network performance
  • Troubleshooting poor VoIP call quality
  • Planning & testing for capacity additions

The VoIP Monitor is available as an add-on to OpManager at for monitoring upto 300 monitors. You can purchase the VoIP Monitor Add-on from our Pricing page. For pricing on a higher number of monitors contact support@manageengine.com


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