Password Manager Pro


Password Manager Pro是存儲和管理企業內部密碼、文檔和數字證書等重要數據的保險箱。部署Password Manager Pro具有以下優勢:
  • 統一集中存儲密碼,保障密碼安全/li>
  • 自動定期更改關鍵系統的密碼,提高IT管理效率
  • 通過請求批准流程和實時告警,控制對密碼的訪問
  • 符合安全審計和法規,如SOX、HIPAA和PCI
High Availability

In mission-critical environments, one of the crucial requirements is to provide un-interrupted access to passwords. PMP provides the 'High Availability' feature just to ensure this.

How does High Availability work?

  • There will be redundant PMP server and database instances
  • One instance will be the Primary providing read/write access to the users. All users will be connected with primary only
  • The other instance will act as Secondary
  • At any point of time data in both Primary and Secondary will be in sync with each other. PMP leverages MySQL's database replication technique for data synchronization. The data replication happens through a secure, encrypted channel
  • When Primary server goes down, the Secondary will offer 'Read Only' access to the users, until the fully-functional primary server is brought back to service. The changes made in the database in the intervening period will be automatically synchronized upon connection restoration

Password Management