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Trouble Ticket Software
ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a helpdesk application which helps you manage all the helpdesk requests efficiently. It tracks all your phone calls and emails at a single place, automates request routing, defines your SLA compliance, enables SLA escalations and gives a consolidated report view of whats happening with your helpdesk. It's easy to install and implement and provides a good user experience.
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"ServiceDesk Plus, an effective and smart helpdesk solution"

- Darren Midgley,
Congregational & General Insurance

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ServiceDesk Plus offers Help desk Managers the right set of features that are simple and easy to use. It helps them focus on winning users' satisfaction without having struggle with technology or tools.

Key Features

 Trouble Ticket Software - Self Service portal

The web-based Self-service Portal reduces the helpdesk call volume to a greater extent by helping the users to raise their own requests, tracking the statuses of their requests and browsing through the available solutions before they report an issue. Keep the end user informed about the major outages or down-times by adding announcements in the self-service Portal.


 Trouble Ticket Software - Knowledgebase

Create a robust knowledge-base in your helpdesk application for the users to find their solutions before raising a request using ServiceDesk Plus. This also helps the technicians to reduce the turn-around-time in finding the resolution for an issue.


 Trouble Ticket Software - Email request

Automatically get all your emails to the helpdesk application and convert them in to requests. Whenever user sends an email, ServiceDesk Plus fetches that email and logs in as a request, which can be tracked by the user in his self-service portal.

Trouble Ticket Sofware - Multi-site support

Provide 24/7 support to all the sites in your organization and manage requests, assets and technicians separately for different sites in your organization by using the multi-site functionality.

Trouble Ticket Sofware - SLA Management

Give solution to a request within the defined resolution time and improve the customer satisfaction by defining your SLA and setting up different escalation levels for the SLA violations in your helpdesk application. This helps you to prioritize the request and set different colors to the priority level.


ActiveDirectory Integration
Trouble Ticket Software - ActiveDirectory Integration

Get users from your Active Directory and enable user authentication with single sign-on functionality. Schedule the import of users to make sure that the new employees login is created in ServiceDesk Plus automatically once their entry is updated in your Active Directory settings.

Trouble Ticket Sofware - Business Rules

Enable the auto-dispatch of requests to different levels, priorities, categories, technicians etc., by using business rules. Around 70 percent of the requests coming to your helpdesk application get assigned automatically into appropriate classifications based on business rules.

Trouble Ticket Sofware - Notification Rules

Send confirmation receipts to the users and support engineers automatically from your helpdesk application by enabling notification Rules. Get these automatic alerts from ServiceDesk Plus at the time of request logging or a change inside the request or whenever the request gets assigned to a technician or a group or at the time of SLA violations.

Trouble Ticket Sofware - Reports

Get complete reports on IT help desk load, technician performance and SLA violation etc., using the help desk reports and do a trend analysis to find out how the service failure happened.


Trouble Ticket Sofware - User Survey

Get to know the satisfaction level on the issue resolution and the technicians competent level by enabling user-survey. This helps to streamline your IT service and improve the customer service to a greater extent.

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