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Multi Tenancy through Business Units

Customer Support operations in an enterprise are complex, interconnected and extremely difficult to organize. Each organization will have different departments, business units and will support their own set of customers and vendors. For instance, let』s take the company Acme Corporation. It has 3 Strategic Business Units which include Telecom, Retail and IT. Each SBU can have their own customers (Accounts) and each customer can have multiple branches (Sub Accounts). The Accounts and Sub accounts can have their own contacts (Customer Contacts), who will be raising the requests.

Business Units provides four levels of hierarchical divisions in your customer support operations, which will help organizations to segregate the customers accordingly. The business units can be customized to support customers based on SBUs, Products, Customer Accounts, regions, countries, sites or in your own way of classification.

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  • Customizable Business Unit: Completely customizable Business Unit (BU). Each Business unit will be independent from other business units.
  • Business Unit Administrator: Each BU can have its own Business Unit Administrator, who will the rights to maintain the different accounts, sub-accounts and other related operations of the business unit.
  • Global Administrator: All the business units can be governed by a global administrator, who will have a wholesome view of all the business unit operations.

  • Independent Support Mail Addresses: Customize your mail settings accordingly and each business unit can have its own incoming mail address and reply to address in order to manage different support mails for different business units.
  • Customizable Customer Accounts: You can add different accounts, sub-accounts and contacts, independent to different business units and it will help you to segregate the customers according to your requirements.

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  • Configure Support Representatives: Business Unit configuration allows you to have different support representatives for different business units. Any support rep can be restricted from accessing other business unit data and also roles can be created in order to enable support reps to access multiple business units.

  • Customize SLAs and Contracts: Customize your account based Service Level Agreements and service contracts for different business units and customers. Make business unit based time entries, product catalogs, request templates, holidays, support services and Support Plans.
  • Business Unit based surveys: Create and administer business unit based surveys and assess the support quality of the different support representatives in your team.

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Muti Tenancy in SupportCenter Plus


  • Business Units provides you the flexibility in servicing your customers based on different criteria like products, SBUs, Products, Customer Accounts, regions, countries, sites etc.
  • It offers you logical separation of data as one business unit is independent of the other.
  • Improves support productivity as the consolidating customer information into a single location with easy-to-use reporting, visualization and customer management capabilities.
  • The segregation of data helps you to manage the customers accordingly and helps you to identify right areas to improve the customer support and service.
  • It gives you the power of customization. Customize your support process in your own way.

Business Units are provided only with the Professional Edition of SupportCenter Plus. Each professional edition comes with 3 inbuilt business units and if you need additional business units, contact now.

Download Our "10 Minute Guide to Multi Tenancy" to get a head start with Business Units

How to Use Business Units in your Industry

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