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版本 6.2 正式发布!
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" 我觉得VQManager实在无可挑剔,在业务环境中发挥了巨大的作用。"
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.
Concurrent calls pricing

Are you a VoIP service provider worried about the voice quality offered to your customers?
Do VoIP quality monitoring solutions seem expensive for your steadily growing business?
Check out the special VQManager pricing for service providers now!

The latest VQManager 6.2 introduces a flexible, cost-effective pricing scheme that is specific to service providers who seek to maintain low operational costs while delivering superior customer service. VQManager is now licensed and priced on the number of concurrent calls being monitored in the network.

Consider a service provider who has just set-up shop:

In Year One of operations the company lets out 50 VoIP lines

A projection of Year Two estimates a total of 200 VoIP lines

With VQManager 6.2, the service provider can purchase just what is needed without sky-rocketing capital expenditure: For starters a one-year license for 50 concurrent calls and for the second year of operations, the company can purchase a 200 concurrent call license.

Pricing starts at?

The annual subscription pricing starts at $ 2700 for monitoring up to 50 concurrent calls. Check out the online store for further pricing.

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