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版本 6.2 正式发布!
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" 我觉得VQManager实在无可挑剔,在业务环境中发挥了巨大的作用。"
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.


ManageEngine® VQManager部分客戶如下:

  • Active Voice LLC
  • BCI Networks
  • BTC Broadband
  • Cima Telecom
  • Crosstex Energy
  • DHL
  • Ernst & Young
  • Exponential-e
  • GK Software AG
  • Inuit
  • Intelliverse
  • iSuppli Corporation
  • iSystems Technologies & Solutions
  • Jaring Communications Sdn Bhd
  • Mitre
  • Mobistar Telecommunications
  • Omnimax, Inc.
  • PCCW-HKT Telephone Limited
  • Pepsi
  • Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
  • Sage Innovations
  • Shinsei Bank
  • Siemens
  • Spherion of Lima, Inc.
  • Third Pillar Systems
  • TomorrowNow
  • Volt Delta Resources®
  • Wana

Customer Testimonials

"We are using VQManager to troubleshoot complete acceptance testing after very sophisticated VoIP deployments. This tool is invaluable to Sage Innovations due to its graphic nature and highly adaptable features."

- Adam Menne,
Business Development Manager,
Sage Innovations.

"VQManager is an *excellent* piece of software...the product has behaved flawlessly and been extremely useful in a live business environment."

- Julian Fletcher,



VoIP Monitoring