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版本 6.2 正式发布!
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" 我觉得VQManager实在无可挑剔,在业务环境中发挥了巨大的作用。"
-Julian Fletcher, ConvergenceGroup.
Release Notes
RELEASE NOTES FOR VQMANAGER 6.2 (Build 6210 released on June 25, 2009)


  • An exclusive licensing and pricing model based on concurrent calls for VoIP Service Providers.


  • Ability to create 'Schedulers' for predefined reports and e-mail them as PDF files.


  • Enhanced endpoints processing for better performance and imporved the page loading time 2x times faster.
  • Provided option for importing PhoneIDs of the Endpoints/IP Phones/Subscribers list

Web Interface

  • New User interface for 'Reports' tab for better usability.
  • New history(summary) view added for multiday Calls and Registrations data.
  • Added Concurrent calls reports in the Quick links across all tabs for easy one-click access.
  • Added 'Multiday views' in Custom reports.
  • Introduced a new navigation component for easy access of huge volume of records for all list views.


  • Added support for processing Avaya S8700 CDRs, Cisco Unified Communications Manager(CUCM) 6.1 and 7.0 CDR formats.
  • New and improved data storage mechanism and database schema to cater to huge volume of data stored across multiple days.
  • Improved Server side processing of raw packets by introducing buffering mechanism.
  • Re-built as a multi-threaded application for effective utilization of the available RAM and processor of server box.


  • Optimized Database writing queries.
  • Handling of duplicated RTP/RTCP media packets to avoid incorrect QoS metrics calculations.
  • Separate 'SIP Registrations' processing logic to reduce the overhead in Call Processing thread.
  • Support for monitoring calls from tel: format SIP endpoints.
  • Improved page loading time for 'SIP Registrations'.
  • Improved usage of MyIsam tables along with InnoDB for better performance in DB Write & Read operations.
  • Introduced new logic for data collection for Custom reports for optimal performance.
  • Improved SIP and SCCP packet processing to cater to different VoIP Environments.
  • Proper handling of H.323 calls with 'UndefinedReason' call termination packets.
  • Efficient 'Database Clean up' policy with 1/100 th reduction in cleanup time, especially for huge volumes of data stored in DB.

Bug Fixes

  • User Interface alignment bugs fixed.
  • Fixed few use cases related issues in 'unmonitoring' calls in conference call scenarios.
  • Duplication in 'Alarms' fixed.
  • Issue in SIP header processing for SIP-BYE packets is fixed.
  • Fixed the issue with Cisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM) 6.x , 7.1 CMR record processing


  • Included a new, separate clean-up option for registrations. The clean-up policy by default deletes registration data older than 3 days 
  • Included a new alarm profile based on concurrent calls
  • No more are calls categorized as 'illegal calls' with status code 9000
  • Redesigned the reports page to make it more readable and for easy access

Bug Fixes

  • VQManager needs at-least one Admin and Operator level account for its proper functioning while creating new users. Hence deleting the default Admin & Guest user is disabled.
  • Fixed various User Interface alignment issues.


  • Introduced enhancement in deriving jitter statistics from the RTCP streams to avoid spurious values
  • Introduced enhancement in deriving delay statistics
  • Provision to add more than three criteria while defining a custom report profile
  • Added few default custom report profiles namely GoodQualityCallsReport, SuccessfulCallsReport, UnsuccessfulCallsReport
  • Removed categorization of calls with Status Code 9000
  • Themes are modified for better user experience

Bug Fixes

  • Processing of Cisco CDRs received as syslog messages fixed
  • Fixed call processing failure when 'Auto-discovery' is disabled in the 'Monitored Endpoints' section
  • The problem with reporting of monitored endpoints in the bandwidth and voice quality reports is fixed
  • The reports exported as a pdf file having wrong time in the file name is fixed



New Features

  • Support for H.323 protocol
  • Concurrent calls reports
  • Configuration wizard for easy set-up
  • Voice Quality graphs enhanced with drill-down options
  • Full support for Cisco CallManager 6.x environments


  • SIP registration views enhanced to load pages faster
Calls monitoring
  • Option to auto-end calls whose RTP flows stopped for 'x' duration
  • Option to "unmonitor" calls with no signaling packets for 'x' duration
  • User given the option to manually "unmonitor" stale active calls
  • Option to delete stale active calls
  • Proper processing of calls that originate from PSTN phones and terminating in SCCP Phones
  • Displaying the reason for calls to be moved to the unmonitored state for better understanding
Endpoint details
  • Additional listing of Endpoints by their phone ID
  • Better formating of Octets transfer in a call
  • Licensing based on number of unique phone IDs discovered
  • Option to import monitored phone IDs from CSV/TXT files
  • Option to export the monitored Phone IDs as CSV
Web Interface
  • New log-in screen
  • Default Monitor tab view changed to "Summary Report" view

Bug Fixes

  • Issue in scheduling the database clean up task has been fixed
  • Support for parsing SIP URL with upper and lower case  
  • Fixed the issue while configuring a MOS Trend based alarm profile with SNMP trap enabled
  • Fixed the issue on entering duplicate email ids in a same threshold while creating an Alarm profile creation
  • Issue while creating PNG images in Windows Vista machine has been fixed
  • Fixed an issue in generating PDF/CSV files for endpoints containing special characters


  • Option to create and send a packet capture from the VQManager web interface
  • Changed the JAVA version bundled with VQManager to JRE 1.5.0._11
  • System requirements: Linux distributions used needs standard C++ libraries (libstdc++) and GCC (4.0 or above) core libraries (libgcc)



  • Enabling/Disabling of RTCP based QoS calculation, provided in Sniffer configuration page
  • Support for all WinPCAP filters in the Sniffer configuration filter settings
  • Performance enhancement in the Endpoint Summary page
  • Option to listen for SIP messages in all ports, provided in Sniffer configuration page
  • SIP URLs with '#' (hash) character are now parsed without problems

Issues fixed

  • Issue in attaching latest data for consecutive Scheduled reports
  • Data mismatch between the CSV and PDF export files
  • Improved Delay and Jitter calculation to handle wrong packet sequences
  • Stale active calls without QoS metrics are now moved to Unmonitored calls category
  • SIP 3xx responses are now not categorized as failed calls
  • Restore DB operation was not restoring the functions used by VQManager
  • Fixed the issue in the ReinitializeDB operation
  • Unwanted delete query operations in DB clean-up are now avoided for improved performance
  • Fixed the issue in starting VQManager as a service in Windows Vista


New Edition

  • VQManager Professional Edition released

New Features

  • Support for Cisco Skinny protocol
  • Windows 64-bit support
  • Schedued export of Custom Reports
  • CallFlow information is enhanced with the addition of raw SIP and Skinny packet information



  • Call processing rate enhanced to cater to higher call traffic loads
  • All client views are enhanced to load the pages faster

Calls Monitoring

  • Controlling of Refresh rate for Active calls and Live Reports
  • Configurable QoS parameters for Call Trend View graph

Endpoint details

  • Resource Group Menu bar added in the Endpoint tab's Navigation bar
  • Current Status of each Endpoint is not shown in the Endpoints summary list


  • Alarm categorization based on Severity


  • Call Status based Custom Reports
  • Removed Live Reports from the Reports tab

Administrator Operations

  • Time Zone setting removed
  • Automatic scheduled backup of data is removed

CDR Processing

  • Auto-download of new CDR files from directories via FTP
  • Support for PortaOne CDRs

Web Interface

  • New Monitor page UI with Live & Summary split-up
  • Live Reports View to get a snapshot of the current status of the network
  • Alarm categorization based on Severity in Monitor Page
  • Better representation of Voice Quality and Traffic monitor graphs
  • Refresh Page now option
  • Frequently Used Devices, Recent Calls, Recent Alarms and Top Talkers views are removed from the Monitor page
  • Revamp of the Syslog server settings page
  • Endpoint details are enhanced with a more in-depth information
  • Revamp of the Quick Links section


New Features

Client Enhancements

  • Status Code based search enabled in all call list views
  • Initiator, Participant URLs and Minimum, Maximum & Average values of QoS metrics have been added as optional columns in all call list views
  • Minimum, Maximum & Average values of QoS parameters are shown in all call details and endpoint details
  • Provision for setting VQManager time zone based on user's time zone
  • Enhanced pre-defined reports with addition of two new reports - Bandwidth Usage Report and Voice Quality Report
  • Enhanced licensing policy with support for limiting the endpoints by 'Incoming and Outgoing SIP-URL'

Sniffer Enhancement

  • Support for Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Support for call processing in multi-VLAN networks
  • Processing of abbreviated SIP-Headers enabled

Alarms Enhancement

  • Provision for filtering the time component into 'Business Hours' and 'Non-Business Hours' and generating alarms based on the same
  • Provision for MOS Trend based alarm generation
  • Enhanced SIP error code based alarm profile with provision to 'exclude' SIP code in 'like' condition

CDR Processing Enhancement

  • Support for importing directories in CDR log import
  • Support for parsing of the Swyx 6.0, Tekelec 5.6 CDRs

Other Major Features

  • Support for efficient database administration with provision for scheduled Database backup & cleanup
  • Support for running VQManager server as service in Linux

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